1 - Get username

Register yourself on page, you can also go to the registration page from here. Registering is free and only requiers a valid e-mail address. You can choose yourself a username and password. After getting your registration request, we will send a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link provided in the e-mail and finish registering. 


2 - Make a bid

When you have a username, you can log in and make bids to your preferred items. 

Auction list is available at the end of the week and the auctions end usually on Wednesdays. On theme auctions the bidding period may be longer. There is something happening all the time, new items are provided daily. So go ahead and follow what happens on pages!

Click on interested item. Make bid. Confirm your bid. From the first day you can see if your bid is the highest and if the reserve price is met. On the closing date you will have the last opportunity to bid easily using the "Ending now" page. Under the closing auction list, items end after every 15 minutes. This gives you more time to make bids. Items end at the marked moment if nobody has made a bid within the last 3 minutes.

In Bankruptcy departement submitted bid is always binding.
You commit to buy the item by using "Buy now" option.  


3 - Payment

If you are the highest bidder and reserve price is met, you will get notice of a proforma invoice within one working day after auction, proforma invoice will be saved on your account, under "Invoices". Item indicated independent auction institution handles payment between buyer and seller. Paid the proforma invoice you will receive a separate accounting eligible receipt from the independent auction institution, written to the payers name implicit. All the bids are binding.


4 - Transportation / collection

If the independent auction institution has received the payment, items will be ready for transportation / collection. Pick-up of the sold item should be agreed with the independent auction institution.
Independent auction institutions have affordable freight contracts - ask an offer for delivery, even to door.


5 - Cancelling your bid

If the reserve price is met and the system has sent out pro-forma invoice and buyer wants to cancel the trades, the seller has right to charge cancelling fee witch is 10% of the purchase price or minimum € 25. Same rule goes for stocksale and bankruptcysale.

On stocksale purchases will be used above mentioned rule.
On bankruptcy sale for purchases and for the highest bid will be used above mentioned rule.