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Sell items on pages. provides a platform through which independent institutions sell items, received from different clients. This trade offers only advantages. gives professionals a way to  sell products.


Large numbers of buyers are using auction pages. is fast, economical and logistical company.

  • Reduce debts, inventories and sell extra furniture / stockpile

  • Professional company

  • No marketing costs

  • Global markets

  • A reliable partner for both the buyer and the seller

  • We keep an eye on market prices

  • Easy to use

  • Statistics of sold and unsold products


Sell Your products on! Your competitors are already using us.


If I want to sell on

How does it work?



1 - Contact

Contact an independent auction institution. You will find Auction institution contact information from Homepage left bar under PARTNERS.

Auction institutions who operate as partners are offering to sellers a competitive commission-based sales package, where commission depends on the overall package, of which the seller and the auction institution are mutually agreed upon.



2 - Information on the product / products

Send information about products to Your selected Auction institution, for example e-mail. Include Your contact information, a brief description of the products, technical information (such as serial number, model year, etc.), base price and preferably several pictures taken from different angles.


3 - Contract

Auction institutions' representatives will contact You and will be glad to discuss the details. They make a commission agreement with You, which can be either a product-specific or even so-called year contract (may consist of several assignments throughout the year).


4 - Marketing

Signed commission agreement, the Auction institution take action to populate the publication of Your product on the website. With the contract will be also agreed the procedures for taking pictures and verifying of the product. After that Your products must be available for inspection as agreed. Each auction will be marketed in traditional media, Internet and telecommunications marketing. Auction institution answers to buyers' questions, arrange the display of products and opportunities for checking visit on request.


5 - Bidding

Buyers receive real-time information about successful bids. On the final day of the auction, buyers will have the last opportunity to bid. Closures of the items are divided into few hours time. On closing day of the auction items will automatically be extended on the 3 minutes after the last bid made in the last 3 minutes. When there are no more bids made, the product is sold, if the reserve price has been reached. If the reserve price has not been reached, the Auction institution will contact the highest bidder. Bidder will be informed about the reserve price set and will be given the opportunity to raise the offered bid in order to achieve the reserve price. If the purchase is the case, the product is sold. Otherwise the item will be put for sale on the pages again on the later specified date, unless otherwise agreed.


6 - Payments

Independant Auction institutions will take care of the money movement as follows.

The winning bidder will get a proforma invoice from Auction institution You have chosen. When the Auction institution has received a payment on the client funds account, they will inform the seller of the payment received, and will send the bookkeeping eligible receipt to the seller and buyer. Thereafter the buyer can take steps to organize a pick-up for the item.

Auction institution will make a statement to the seller where are the context of the amount received and taken of the agreed commission fees. Statement will be done in two working days from the client funds account, after the buyer has received the product.

The buyer is responsible of the products transportation / sending freight, if not otherwise agreed.